2016 Taking Off!

Couldn’t be more excited for 2016!! This business has taken off in a way that I never dreamed it would!! So many new things to share with you...

We are going to have more time to do Spray Tans since Angie is now on staff and will be helping with that. Rachele is doing Eyelash Extensions and I have never seen better work done. In addition to that, we will be adding Facial Treatments. They will be 30 minute treatments that actually can make a change to your skin. We will be using iS Clinical products for these 4 facials and there is not much out there better than them. We are also going to be adding Threading. There is a HUGE need for it and it is not something that I feel comfortable with. I have had my eyebrows messed up by so many people and I am not comfortable designing someone else's face.

We have added a Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care line as well. This will compliment our Facial Treatments. I, Colette, have used this product line for about 7 years now and love everything about it. I learned about it when I worked at a Medical Spa a few years back. Jen taught me that it had the most of the good stuff, the least of the bad stuff, and it was the best price. I watched our clients there have amazing results and I am so excited to introduce my clients to it as well.

Also, very excited about carrying Coola Suncare products. Protecting your skin is the MOST important thing you can do. Coola has many different products that fit each need. They are Cruelty Free, Farm to Face, and offer Plant Protection. My favorite product is their Spray Sunscreen that you can just spray over your makeup during the day. Doesn’t mess up your make up and gives you added protection.

Lots more to come… So exciting!!