Travel Tips & Tricks

  • 30 Mar 2016
  • Posted by It's Always Summer

As we head into Spring and Summer, I find myself gearing up for my favorite time of year - travel season!

As most of you know, I love traveling to amazing places, and have no plans to slow down anytime soon! I constantly have clients coming in for services just before they are heading off to a far away place, and often times they ask if I have any words of wisdom for them. Actually, I do! Its not like The Travel Channel is giving me my own show (yet!) but I've been a few places, and have definitly learned a few things the hard way over the years. Below is a list of my top five tips & tricks for travel season; you never know, it just might save you some time and/or money!

1. Make sure to call all of your credit card comapnies and cell phone provider before leaving the country. If its your first time traveling over seas, this is an easy one to overlook once the wanderlust excitement sets in, but believe me, you dont want them shutting off your finances on the first day because they suspect fraudulant activity!

2. Whenever possible, I like to arrange for a car service or a driver to pick me up at the final destination airport. Especially if I'm traveling alone! A single American girl, in a foreign country..they know you just landed, and probably have everything you own of importance ON YOU. Not always the most comforting feeling getting into a strangers car that you picked at random.

3. Which brings me to the next tip - avoid the possibility of being stranded without the correct currency. I like to exchange at least $50 at LAX before I even leave the country. I learned this one the hard way, when my flight to Amsterdam was 5 hours late, arrived at 3am instead of 10pm, and I was stuck with no national currency, and very few options for transportation.

4. Also, I like to have at least the first night booked in a proper hotel, so that I have a set destination when I first arrive. I'm all for back-packing alone, and getting by in hostels etc., but remeber that first night in Amsterdam? No one wants to be stuck at 3am because of a late flight, with no idea of where to get a room.

5. Now that you're going on the trip of a life time, what to wear?! Ladies..pack light. As glamorous as you think it sounds to say you're "traveling abroad", dont flatter yourself. You will most likely end up wearing the same three COMFORTABLE outfits over and over and're there for the sights and experiences, I promise you, its not a fashion show, and theres no need for 20 different wardrobe changes!


BONUS TIP: I always like to stop at Whole Foods just before leaving the country to pick up a probiotic. You never know what you might be eating on the other side of the world, so be prepared! Also, if you're body starts retaining water like a camel, don't panic- have a beer! No seriously..the changes in climate can make your body swell so badly that your shoes don't even fit. Beer however, is a natural diuretic and will help to move some of that water right along :)


Hope this helps in some way, and maybe inspires someone to take off on an adventure! What are some travel tips and tricks you have encountered? Share them in the comments below!